smiling mother and daughter embracing

“We are the bows from which our children as living arrows are sent forth, in the hope that they may go swift and far.” -Kahil Gibran (Prophet/Poet, 1923)

This sentiment echoes the wishes and hard work I see in each parent and caregiver I encounter. We do our best to teach, prepare, and eventually launch empathetic, loving, earth and soul conscience children into the world.

Guided by morals, traditions, rules, and our behavior, we imprint on our children exactly what we expect and hope for their future.

In a world inundated with technological distractions, an epidemic of bullying, and self-aggrandizement, what are we missing? How do we help to develop more awakened, mindful beings in the upcoming generations?

Here are a few suggestions for raising conscious children.


What behavior do we display and is there a discrepancy in what we do and what we hope our children will replicate? Are we empathetic, selfless, and present most of the time? Do we speak badly about others, lie, or not follow through with our word? What are we teaching our young about being an adult?

Being Open

Carl Jung, the father of humanistic psychology, proved that by being open, non-judgmental and treating others with unconditional positive regard that others feel most connected and open with us. Can our children come to us with absolutely anything without shame or guilt, and still hold our love?


Living a life of balance teaches our children what we value most. Do we prioritize time with them? Do we offer enough one-on-one open dialogue; eye-contact and affection that help children thrive and raise their sense of self-worth and understanding of who they are?

Finally, for children with extreme moods, psychological issues or learning disabilities, providing a holistic approach through counseling and biofeedback can benefit. Children with such issues can and do learn to self-regulate, overcome their difficulties and excel in school and interpersonal relationships.

As Gibran so eloquently said, “we are the bows,” how far and swift our children go depend upon us.

Stephanie Garcia, MA, BCN holds a Master’s of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy and is a Board Certified Neurofeedback Specialist. She is an accredited member of the Hawaii Association of Biofeedback and currently works in private practice. For more information please visit