Productivity Tips to Help You Get It Done

Productivity Tips to Help You Get It Done

We all have that moment when we look at a neighbor or parent at school and think, “how do they do it?” We’re pretty sure she or he has said that about you too at one time, but if you are feeling like you have so much to do and simply can’t figure out how to get it all done, use these easy productivity tips to work smarter and not harder.time web

1. Make a list. It’s so much easier to follow a guide on what to do next rather than to have things pop into your mind, pulling you away from tasks.

2. Set a timer. Break up tasks into bite sized pieces and set a timer so that you don’t get lost down a rabbit hole with a certain task.

3. Create a family calendar. Seeing important dates and meetings helps you plan your tasks better.

4. Stay organized. When we’re organized, we allow our brains to work their best.

5. Work in a clean environment. This goes for kids too. When they have a clean, non-distracting spot to do homework, they are more likely to stay on point and not get sidetracked.

6. Say no. Stop saying “yes” to everyone’s requests for your time. Make sure those volunteer opportunities or play dates really work with your schedule. If they don’t, simply say “no thank you.”

7. Stop multitasking. Doing five things at once will get nothing done. Take your list (see above) and mark off one thing at a time.

8. Take time out for your kids and fun. Yup, it’s that simple. Fill up that parent/child time, and you and your kids will feel so much better.

9. Set goals. This is much the same as the #1 tip above. When you have a goal, you can then create the path to get there.

10. End each night with a list (see #1 above) of what you need to do the next day. This way you start off your day with a goal and a map of how you’ll get there.

11. Just do it. So many times we get overwhelmed before we begin a task. Usually it’s not as bad as we thought, so just do it and get it done!