Parent Partners Help Families in Their Time of Need

Imagine families caring for children with emotional or behavioral challenges. They are desperately trying to get the help they need but can often become overwhelmed trying to navigate the complex system of care. This is where a Parent Partner from ‘Ohana Support Services (‘OSS) can offer valuable support.

Parent Partners support and empower parents in their journey to care for their families. They walk with parents by offering nonjudgmental, peer-to-peer support. Parent Partners, such as Pua Basbas on Maui, can assist parents in a multitude of ways. They offer collaborative support to define goals and needs, connect parents with resources, help with transportation, attend important meetings, and offer empowering advocacy.

Like all of our Parent Partners, Pua brings both extensive professional and important “lived”  experience to her relationship with program participants. She has truly walked in their shoes. Her son was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome when he was in the 7th grade. Until then, Pua spent several years attempting to get the appropriate support for her son, and often felt overwhelmed by the system and process.

“No one was there to be with me when I didn’t know where to turn and to share my anguish,” Pua says. “There was no peer support to guide me through the complex system. I was all alone. Today, I am a Parent Partner to provide peer support and mentoring to other parents. I am there every step of the way.”

Pua’s success story illustrates what can happen when parents dealing with challenges receive the guidance and support they need. It brings powerful meaning to the words, “We Walk With You.” ‘OSS Parent Partners will do just that.

The Child & Family Service (CFS) ‘OSS Program is a collaborative partnership with the Department of Health, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Division. CFS is a private nonprofit with nearly 50 programs that strengthen and empower families. For more information, please visit To discuss how CFS can help you work towards your own success story, please call (808) 681-1424 or toll free at (844) 748-3070