Maui Arts & Cultural Center Young Art Makers Summer Camp

The Schaefer International Gallery at Maui Arts & Cultural Center offers summer classes for kids! Participants will explore the gallery and work with teaching artists in studio sessions to focus on drawing, painting, printmaking, or sculpture. The perfect summertime place to meet new friends and be creative! Squishy Play With[Read more]

Mom’s Secret Recipe for Raising a Reader

 Mom’s Secret Recipe for Raising a Reader Yield: One lifelong reader, curious about life, eager to learn, successful in school Ingredients: As many age-appropriate books as the child can consume (these will change as the recipe is followed—a typical progression begins with board books and picture books, then short story[Read more]

The Different Temperaments in Siblings

“I don’t want to, I can’t, I don’t like it, leave me alone.” Ever had a child whose predominant response to everything new (people, school, new activities) seems negative? Is it shyness? Why would one child have mostly negative responses and others take everything in stride, feel good about himself[Read more]