Allowing your child to explore his creative side is one of the fun parts of parenting. The sky is the limit when it comes to creative play, and feeding imagination allows your child to problem-solve and improve self-esteem. Here are few ways to encourage your little one to explore his or her world in a creative way.

Make a Fairy Garden: Supplies needed include a garden pot, dirt, rocks, sticks and plants. Upcycle old linens and miniature toys to create the fairy garden. Using a bit of glue and imagination, you and your child can create a whimsical fairy garden.

Make a Dragon World: Supplies needed: clear large plastic box, small bowl with water, toy miniature dragons (or creatures of choice) and shaving cream. Place the bowl of water in the box as the dragon’s lake. Shaving cream can be a cloud for the dragons to fly through before washing off in the water. You may also add rocks, sticks and flowers from outdoors and let your child create their own dragon world!

Read books together, and make up stories together! Set up a story for your child, then ask her, “What should happen next?”

Provide costumes and props for creative fun. Whether it’s fun pajamas, bandanas, hats, princess dresses or thrift-store costumes, children love playing dress-up.

However you choose to nurture make-believe in your child, remember to join in his world. Your child will love that time with you, along with the imaginative fun!