Kids can often experience unexplained pain in the stomach area. After ruling out a severe ailment, you may conclude a simple home remedy is the appropriate course of action. But what would work, and how do you prepare the remedy? To help guide you through the number of options, here are a few suggestions. And mom and dad can use these ideas too!

Tea. Ginger is a time-tested root commonly used to settle stomachs. It is said to be useful for cases of nausea, motion sickness, and stomach cramps. Boil sliced ginger in a pot of water or simply add to cold water.  Drinking ginger water is only recommended for kids over the age of two. For younger kids, apply the juice of grated ginger around the naval area.

Probiotics. The natural probiotics in yogurt are an excellent remedy for stomach issues, such as gas, bloating diarrhea. Most kids like yogurt, but if yours does not, try probiotics in capsule form. Open up a capsule and spread its contents over plain, non-greasy food like rice. Probiotics kept in store fridges as opposed to shelves are believed to be the most effective. Always check the label for the recommended quantity.

Warmth. What kid does not like a warm compress or water bottle? Applying either one to the abdomen increases blood flow, relaxes muscles, and can soothe the feeling of pain simultaneously. Soak a small towel in water or half-fill a water bottle with warm, not hot, water and apply directly to the skin or over their clothes if preferable.

Water. If you suspect the cause of your kid’s stomach ache is due to constipation because they are dehydrated, ensure they increase their intake of fluids. Water is best. Taking frequent sips over a period of time is better than drinking a large quantity at one time, so ask them to have their favorite cup close by as they play. Check-in with them or set the alarm as a reminder to drink.

Figuring out how to treat stomachache doesn’t have to cause extra stress. If you prefer a more natural approach, consider tea, probiotics, a warm compress, and drink plenty of water. Maybe a combination of these remedies will do the trick and leave you feeling well or, better yet, energized and refreshed.