Must Have Phone Apps for Parents

Whether you love it or hate it, phones play a significant role in the lives of parents in the modern world. With access to technology that can fit into your pocket, it is helpful to know which apps may benefit you as a parent. From chore charts to child safety, to finding ways to limit distractions, there is an app for that!

According to an article on, “The average adult spends approximately 5 hours a day on his/her devices.” If you find yourself distracted by your phone or tablet, you may consider one of the following apps to help you focus.

The “Quality Time” app for Android users allows you to get to know your smartphone habits. You can see which apps consumed the most time, and which apps were most addictive based on the number of times you accessed them. For iPhone users, the “Family Time” app allows you to understand your smartphone habits, and offers app blockers to help eliminate distractions for both parents and children. It also provides location tracking for the family.

In regard to child safety, “Net Nanny” is an app that allows you to protect your child from the dangers of the Internet. It provides time management tools, social media monitoring, and alerts for alarming keyword searches. “Teen Safe” is another app that takes safety a step further. It allows you to see text messages, web searches and phone calls, and it also can track your child with GPS. If your child is driving, you can lock the phone to help eliminate distracted driving.

If tackling chores is high on your list, then the following apps may help you get your child involved as well! The “Chore Monster” app allows you to create scheduled chores with point values. As your child completes each task, he or she is rewarded with points and can earn anything from money to a fun excursion. The “Homey” app allows you to create scheduled chores, but it also helps your child learn financial skills by earning an allowance for completing the chores.