MSE editorial pic

Maui Student Empowerment (MSE) is aimed to do exactly as its name says– to empower the youth of Maui. Cofounders, Jasmine Doan and McKayla Wandell have always had, not only a dream, but also a passion to see our youth realize their potential and to never stop dreaming.

Their aim for MSE is to organize workshops that encourage students to collaborate with other youth on Maui on community based projects, and give them the training and resources to expand their student-led projects.

Some of the current projects with MSE involve a monthly Google hangout session to talk about Global issues, a project to help lead sustainable lives, and an idea in the works to interconnect all of the high schools news into one site, a newspaper for the youth of Maui. Have an idea for a project? Want helping reaching your goals? Check out Maui Student Empowerment Facebook page: