Maui Humane Society Animal Camp 2019

Maui Humane Society Animal Camp

This humane education program encourages campers to consider the many different ways we share the world with other living things, with the goal of inspiring respect and appreciation for all life, and encouraging conscientious decision making. Maui Humane Society’s Animal Camp is an educational camp where every day is filled with fun games, crafts, activities, guest speakers and time with the animals! Campers practice positive reinforcement training, socialization, and grooming of shelter pets and explore all aspects of the human-animal bond-  cultivating compassion and encouraging campers to grow into responsible pet owners and advocates for the animals they love!

Maui Humane Society

June 3-7, June 17-21, July 8-12 and July 22-26

Monday through Friday

9am to 3pm

Ages: 7 to 11, plus one session ages 10-14

(808) 877-3680