Maui Hui Malama Summer Camps

Location: 375 Mahalani Street, Wailuku

Contact: 244-5911

Leathercraft Camp
Empower your child by enrolling them in this workshop that will help to build their self-confidence as they perpetuate the traditional art form of leathercrafting. Cost: $100 Financial Aid Available.
Grades 3-5  June 3-7  8:30-4:00
Grades 6 and Up  July 1-5 (no 4)  8:30-4:00

Life Skills & Creative Writing Camp I
Experience your child becoming more independent as they learn how to budget and shop for groceries, grow their own food, cook, and begin to find the pleasure, meaning, and fun in telling and listening to stories and becoming more comfortable with using language to express their ideas. Lunch is provided. Cost: $100 Financial Aid Available.
Grades 3-5  
June 10-14 (no 11)  8:30-4:00

Life Skills & Creative Writing Camp II
Inspire your child to garden, budget, grocery shop, prepare meals, and clean while engaging in project-based learning and fun games and challenges. Your child will grow a renewed appreciation for fiction’s ability to make sense of the world in a way social media and the news cannot, and they will gain techniques to help them approach future school reading assignments with enthusiasm. Lunch is provided. Cost: $100 Financial Aid Available.
Grades 6-8  June 17-21  8:30-4:00

Ocean Camp
Does your child love the ocean?  Gift your child a memorable week of learning from an aquatic biologist about coral reefs, marine life, and the importance of conservation and sustainability.  They will use calipers to measure, learn to tie different knots, and will enjoy a day out fishing. Cost: $100 Financial Aid Available.
Grades 6-12  
June 24-28  8:30-4:00Grades K-5  
July 1-5 (no 4)  8:30-4:00

Mural Art, Building, and Creativity Camp
Under the guidance of local artists, your child will transform our hale by helping to create a mural on our exterior wall. They will also use their creativity throughout the day while designing and building projects, playing musical instruments, and growing their own food and celebrate the unveiling of their mural at our July 26th celebration. Cost: $100 Financial Aid Available.
July 8-20 (no Sat & Sun)  
Gr. K-8  8:30-4:00
Gr. 9-12  9:00-1:00

Animal Camp
Your child will love learning about animals and enjoy hands-on activities in this camp that is aimed to educate them on how to care for animals and the importance animals play in our everyday lives. Cost:  $100 Financial Aid Available.
Grades K-5  July 22-26  8:30-4:00

Laser Cutting Internship
Is your child (or maybe you) interested in learning to use a laser cutter?  This is your chance to create beautiful and useful gifts.  Please call us at 244-5911 for more information. Ages 16-24  Dates and Times TBD
Cost: Free