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244 Papa Pl., Suite 102, Kahului

Occupational Therapy

Improve your child’s Motor Skills, Sensory Processing, Handwriting, Social Skills, Self-Regulation Skills, Emotional Coping Skills and Behavior.  Therapists Trained in Sensory Integration, DIR/Floortime therapy, Auditory Programs, Regulation and Handwriting Programs Some insurance accepted.

Speech Therapy

Improve your child’s Communication, Reading Comprehension or Social Skills!  Assessment and therapies available by our expert speech therapists! Some insurance accepted.

Counseling for Children

Develop more sophisticated coping skills!  Play therapy, Cognitive Behavioral therapy, Art Therapy, Positive Behavior support strategies and Parent Education available, both in-home or at our clinic site. Special classes for helping kids to cope with separation or divorce. Some insurance accepted.

Therapy for Homeschoolers

Handwriting, Social Skills, Self-Regulation classes or Behavior Management skills with one of our expert staff! Some insurance accepted

After School Classes

Handwriting * Social Skills Groups * Counseling * Self-Regulation Classes * Behavior Management * Balance & Coordination Skills * Siblings of Children with Special Needs Support Group