According to different food traditions, eating lucky foods on New Year’s ensures good fortune in the coming year. This might be positive thinking but why not improve your odds?

Foods believed to be lucky in countries around the world include dumplings, grapes, greens, fish, pork, legumes, and ring shaped-cakes.

In Spain, it has been a tradition to eat twelve grapes when it turns midnight. This tradition came about one year when there was an abundance of grapes. Each grape is symbolic of each month and bringing good fortune for the whole year. Several cultures believe that eating fish is symbolic of moving forward in the new year, while others believe it will bring an abundance for the future.

Greens, thought to look like folded money, represent wealth. Pork, because of its high fat content, is also thought to guarantee wealth. Legumes are thought to look like coins, also representing prosperity. Cake symbolizes the year coming full circle. Recipes can be found on, Lucky Foods for the New Year.

So go ahead and eat yourself lucky!