The ins and outs of selling, buying and donating kids’ items on Maui

Let it go! Springtime is synonymous with spring cleaning, and like many, you may have some kid clothing and items to sell or donate. Below are a few ways to handle your gently used kids’ items on Maui.

Yard Sales

Buying and selling kids’ items on Maui can be as simple as holding an old school yard sale. If you collaborate with other families and hold a multi-family yard sale, you may draw more shoppers and boost your sales. Check for yard sales, and list your own online as well.

Online Marketplace

Facebook groups offer another opportunity to buy and sell kids’ items. Check with the local mommy Facebook groups or the “Maui Buy and Sell” Facebook group for other places to buy and sell kids’ items.

Consignment Stores

Local consignment stores, such as Droplets or Rebecca’s Closet, may receive your kids’ items and you would make a percentage from the sale of those items.


If you want to donate your kids’ items on Maui, here are a couple of locations to drop off your gently used items: Goodwill and The Salvation Army. These thrift stores accept gently used tops and bottoms and baby clothes. They also accept gently used baby and toddler footwear, stuffed animals and toys. Goodwill and The Salvation Army cannot receive infant products, including baby car seats, cribs, strollers, walkers, high chairs or swings. Another way to donate your kids’ items is through the “Free” section. Finally, check into local church groups and mommy clubs for children’s clothing swaps that happen throughout the year.

By taking the time to sell or donate or buy gently used kids’ items, you are helping reduce your footprint on the earth. Reducing the amount of waste, especially when living on an island, helps tremendously with caring for the earth. Often times gently used items are more affordable and easier on a family’s budget, as well. So, as your children outgrow their clothing, toys and other items, consider selling or donating them here on Maui.

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