Kids Hear Your Vibe, Not Your Words

“Everything in life is vibration.” – Albert Einstein

Have you considered your own vibration? What does it feel like? Can children feel your vibration, and are they affected by it?

Everything in this universe is made up of tiny bundles of energy that vibrate. According to quantum physics, vibrations resonate at frequencies that correspond to your thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

These unspoken messages are amongst some of the most powerful ways of communicating. And, there’s no doubt that our children are expert readers.

If you interact with a child in a light and positive way, it’s very likely he or she will feel that. If you are angry and express that in your demeanor, a child may avoid you or take on the emotion you are emanating. Children instinctively decode any invisible message that comes their way.

As an adult, it’s your choice to ruminate in a negative emotion or to let go of it. Passing it on to children does not support or foster their growth as a human being.

If you feel it’s unhealthy to let a child feel that vibration, here are some ways to reset your vibe:

  1. Take ownership and responsibility for your own energy field. It all begins with awareness. So be aware and conscious of your vibration in that moment.
  2. Modify or recalibrate your energy field so that it’s more “child appropriate.” Decide how you want to be around this child. Would a softer voice be more calming? Would a warm, heartfelt hug give them the reassurance they need right now?
  3. Take time out to be silent, and find your center. From this grounded place, expand the more positive vibration you now feel. Step back into the room and see how the child receives your new vibe.

Once we take responsibility for our own vibrations, a door of opportunity opens to a positive relationship with the children in our lives. And, equally as important, it’s a healthier way for you to be in this world.