Have a Rocking New Years Celebration with Kids

How To Make This New Year A Happy One

Late night, adult-only parties, copious amounts of champagne…those New Years parties may be behind you now that you have kids in tow, but having a rocking New Years celebration with kids can be equally (or maybe more) fun!

Start the day off by creating some fun decorations for your family New Years Eve party. Mom and Dad can cut out star shapes from cardboard boxes. Let the kids wrap them in foil. Pop a hole in each star and tie some fishing line onto them. Let the kids hang the stars throughout the house to make it sparkly and festive.

For the food, choose a family friendly menu and let the kids in on the cooking. Make the entire New Years dinner a finger foods event. Create mini pizzas with mini bagels, letting the kids add their toppings. Bake star shaped cookies and let the kids add their own frosting and sprinkles. And of course, sparkling apple cider is a must-do for New Years.

New Years is a night when bedtime rules get thrown out the window. Let your keiki stay up late, or at least let them try. If they can’t make it to Hawaii’s countdown, let them celebrate with the east coast or west coast, banging pots and pans and making as much noise as possible. They will love it!