How To Live In Your Sweet Spot

Have you been there? You know, that ‘sweet spot’ where everything is flowing nicely; things are in alignment; you are settled, humbled, happy and content.

When you’re there, do you take the time to notice and appreciate it? At one time or another, we’ve all probably been in this sweet spot where things just work. Here’s how to experience more moments like this, and enjoy and appreciate them.

Live in the moment

Most sweet spots are experienced when we’re content, happy, and involved with what we’re doing in the moment. When you ‘live in the now,’ you are focused on the present moment. Your mind isn’t worrying about tomorrow or yesterday; it’s here and now and you are 100% involved with your present surroundings. So many times we have to juggle many things throughout the day. But when you invite some space into your day (such as stopping to take a few moments of silence), it’s easier to get to your sweet spot.

Listen to your gut

We all have that tiny voice inside of us that knows which path to follow. When we listen to it, all can go smoothly; and other times when we ignore it and try to please others, we may find that things shift out of alignment and our sweet spot is nowhere to be found. Try to listen to your intuitive voice more often.

Practice the art of “no”

Saying “no” to something that doesn’t serve you or that will actually drain you, is okay. When you take the time to realize that something isn’t a must-do, it allows room for more of those that are. And there you can be in your sweet spot.