Getting close to your partner to strengthen your relationship, while giving him or her space, can be tricky. But there are some small things that can go far in creating a well-balanced and healthy personal relationship.

Shake Up Date Night

Put some thought into how you can spend an evening together. Rather than going to a restaurant, choose the perfect spot to have a picnic with a selection of food that has special significance for you both.

Get Active

Sign up for the gym, a new dance class, or a new sport together. Working up a sweat with some good old-fashioned exercise can help bring couples together.

Ask Questions

Ask each other personal questions. Dig deep and show an interest in the person you’re committed to. Making them feel valued and interesting can help them feel “seen,” and that goes a long way in relationships. Don’t be surprised if your questions and attention are reciprocated!

Cook Together

Cooking together can transform a seemingly mundane task into a fun activity that brings you closer to your partner. Get creative and pick a new dish or theme and have fun.

Spend Time Together

Sitting next to your partner may sound like an insignificant action. But this simple act shows your partner how physical proximity brings you joy and pleasure. Throw some eye gazing into it and the connection can feel deeper and more meaningful.


Calling your partner rather than texting is the way to go. A telephone conversation is not only a good way to get clear communication, but can help convey the way you feel about the person. There’s nothing like the warm tone of your partner’s voice on the other end of the line!

Being close to your partner requires a little thought and creativity. The rewards are that the increase in quality of attention can make you both feel good, and feel good about each other. It’s a win-win situation.