PC: Maile Crewsdon

Grazing boards are a fun-filled way to eat finger foods as a family. This holiday season, why not try this edible activity with your keiki? It makes a great appetizer to bring to any holiday gathering and can easily be adapted to food preferences and allergies. My two older keiki love to help chop up and arrange fresh veggies, while my youngest is great at organizing fresh berries, crackers, or cheese slices. So, gather your ohana, grab a clean cutting board, baking sheet, or large serving platter, along with pantry and fridge staples, and have fun crafting a grazing board with your keiki. Spoiler: You can use anything you already have and enjoy at home, which makes for an extra special meal in a snap. 

The options are endless: fresh veggies, roasted veggies, fresh fruit, various cheeses, dips, canned goods like olives and pickles, bread/crackers, proteins like hard-boiled eggs, meats, and even sushi! 

Sample Grazing Board 

Baby carrots
Bell peppers, sliced
Black olives
Apple slices
Pears, sliced
Brie cheese with a dollop of fresh fruit jam or honey on top
Creamy artichoke dip
Salami or other lunchmeat
Chicken sausage, cooked and sliced
Cheddar cheese slices
Taro and/or sweet potato chips
Fresh herbs for garnish 

Holiday Extras

I love to add freshly cut rosemary or mint from my garden as a pretty garnish, along with edible and/or food-safe pesticide-free flowers from local flower farms here on Maui. For the sweet tooth, make a grazing board extra decadent with a handful of cookies and chocolates. 

Tips to Assemble

Start with the biggest items first and place those directly on the board as visual anchors. For example, assemble a large brie cheese round in the middle of the board and then add jam or honey on top of that and work your way outward. Then place “wet ingredients” like olives, dips, and spreads in little bowls. Then add cheese slices, fruits, meats, and crackers cascading around those anchors, filling in all the space. Have fun with the colors and textures as you place each group of items on the plate. Remember: there’s no wrong way to create art (in this case, edible art.) Finish with little serving spoons for the dips, and place fresh rosemary or herbs throughout.

Maile Crewsdon is a Maui mom of three young keiki. She specializes in baking allergy-friendly cakes and malasadas. Find her on Instagram: @littlemauifamily @cyrusbakingco