Holiday Eating Survival Strategies

Holiday Eating Survival Strategies

One of the joys of the holiday season is gathering with ohana and eating! Special family recipes passed down from perfectiongeneration to generation, comfort foods and delicious desserts abound, so how is one to stay healthy during this time of food and more food? With any survival strategy, you need a few tools in your healthy-eating-belt:

ŸDon’t attend a holiday party hungry. Have a small snack or meal prior to going so you have more self-control when presented with tempting options.

Ÿ Fill your plate with healthy options first, i.e. fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats, prior to the other less healthy foods.

ŸRemember that drinks have calories, too. Be sure to drink plenty of water (best option) and save your calories for real food.

ŸAlways bring a healthy dish to share, so wherever you go you will know that there is an option that won’t be so rough on your waistline down the road.

ŸEnjoy your favorite treat, but in moderation. Knowing that you can have your favorite piece of cake or sugar cookie will allow you to eat without feeling like you’re missing out on something.

ŸSavor your food by focusing on eating, rather than mindlessly consuming everything. It helps to take the time to chew and eat at the dinner table.

Also, remember to keep exercise in your daily routine, as it will help balance out any treats you enjoy. It is a time of celebration, after all, so by looking at the whole picture and not just one meal, you can feel more at ease about your eating habits going into this special time of year.