Magical Children’s Summer Camp July 8-August 8

What is the Hero’s Journey?
Following the template of Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey, participants will embark on an adventure, discover some allies, face obstacles, achieve new skills, and return transformed. Our camp is uniquely designed to take children on a voyage into an imaginative world inspired by our natural surroundings. We will work towards common goals and learn something new about ourselves along the way.

How do you play the game?
Every child is a player in our real-life adventure game. We will complete one round of the game in a two week session through our daily quests, fun activities, obstacle courses and social-emotional exercises. We will learn new tools for self-regulation, teamwork and emotional awareness while deepening our connection to nature, intuition and imagination. Join us for a fun-filled summer and see what surprises are in store for you!

Hero’s Journey Nature Camp Activities:
  • Discover your animal guides
  • Fun field trips & special guests
  • Face-painting/ fantasy dress-up
  • Water play
  • Enchanted forest obstacle courses
  • Fairy gardens, crafts & music
  • Meet the bees!
  • Herbal projects & gardening
  • Elaborate treasure hunts & prizes
  • Wool crafts
Register: (917)-873-1371
[email protected]

Cost: 2 weeks = $500*, 1 week= $290*
*$100 discount per additional sibling
**Bring-a-friend discounts available.
Contact us to apply for scholarships

Includes: take-home gifts & daily snacks

Camp leader: 
Sita Santos

Born in Brazil & raised in Bali, Indonesia, immersed in the local lifestyle & surrounded by global cultures. Moved to NYC in 2009 & has since lived between Boulder and Maui, working with children & families in educational and therapeutic centers. Received a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Naropa University in Boulder, CO.


  • Providing a nourishing container for children to be who they are
  • Connecting to nature and animals
  • Creative arts, song and dance
  • Embracing diversity & cultures
  • Cultivating emotional awareness
  • Mindfulness & intentionality
  • Developing nonviolent communication skills
  • Creating community gatherings
  • Sharing in new languages