Project Hawai’i, Inc. is a local, volunteer-staffed non-profit organization created to help homeless, unsheltered children succeed and escape the cycle of poverty. The organization conducts ongoing monthly outreach across the island and provides holiday events, summer educational programs, and teen mentoring to help these precious children gain self-esteem.

Project Hawai’i is solely supported by public donations that allow the community to make a difference in the lives of our keiki. Since they do not have an office and conduct outreach, 100% of all donations directly benefit the programs that change lives.

As they gear up for the spring session, which includes Easter and summer camp enrollment, they invite the community to visit to see where they can make a difference. A variety of volunteer opportunities are available, from hosting a collection, conducting a fundraiser, or leading a teen workshop.

Companies can be part of the solution and sponsor some of their financial needs, from sponsoring the rental for summer camp, sponsoring the transition, or providing an in-kind donation of meals or your specialty (such as surf lessons, snorkel cruise, etc.).

Co-founder Cliff Kama designed a pilot junior leader program to help middle school children gain self-awareness and develop leadership skills. This pilot program was sponsored by Hewlett Packard Enterprise and is now an award-winning summer program that has led to our keiki graduating high school (a first in their family) and going to college. This could not have been done without the corporate sponsorship and community involvement. They invite other sponsors to be part of the change our community needs.

Our other co-founder Magin Patrick states that this is her life mission. When asked why she has dedicated her life to making a difference, she replied that when she moved to the islands in 2002 and set up this program, people often asked “why.” She didn’t always know how to explain it in words. Then she was watching a PBS special with a wonderful Hawaiian Kupuna who shared that everyone is born with a purpose — their “Kuleana.” That touched her soul, and she felt that this work was her Kuleana — the reason she was put on this earth.

For more information, please visit their website, Be part of the first year on Maui to make life-long changes to save our keiki’s lives. Join the journey today.