While everyone’s focus is on the Coronavirus, run-of-the-mill colds and flus are still making the rounds in our kids, our schools, and our communities. Sleep, social connection, exercise, healthy nutrition, and hand-washing remain important ways to support a healthy immune system, but it can be nice to have a little backup. Here are our favorite Maui-made immune support products, (plus one from Kona that we couldn’t ignore.)

Berry, Berry Good

On any given Saturday, you can find friends belly up at the Maui Tonic bar at the Upcountry Farmers Market. You’ll see a lot of the bright orange Turmeric Ginger going down, but those in the know ask for the Elderberry Ginger Tonic.  Order it here, or head out to the market for the full experience.

Spray it, Don’t Say it

If you’ve ever tasted noni, you know that it’s an acquired taste at best. The Noni Five Star Throat Spray combines ginger, turmeric, Frankincense, and myrrh with a spearmint flavor for a smoother taste sensation. Find it here or at your favorite local health food store.

Powerful Nostalgia

I grew up with a loquat tree in my grandparent’s yard in Kula that, in the winter, would be loaded with bunches of the juicy orange fruit. Keep a flask of Loquat Love near you to support your respiratory and nervous systems. Find it here, at the Saturday market or at the Wednesday farmer’s market on the grounds of Po’okela church.

Tea Time in Makawao

Drop in to the store for a bag of Immunity Tonic Tea, a tasty blend of 13 nutritious and nourishing herbs that, in addition to supporting your immune system, is also a boost for your digestion. Order it here, or stop into the Dragon’s Den in Makawao town.

Get Friendly with FunGuy

The mango tree and lava tube origin story of this company is so delightful we had to include their multi-benefit 8 Mushroom Superfood Powder Mix in this list, even though they are based in Kona. We love our neighbor island creators! Order it here.

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