HONOLULU (August 11, 2020) — Hawai‘i Nature Center announced today that it will launch a program for students, ages 6 to 11, in anticipation of school campus closures during some weekdays. Outdoor EDventure Days will incorporate State of Hawai‘i Next Generation Science Standards and explore a range of topics led by environmental educators including climate change, the ahupua‘a ecosystem, native species, and cycles of nature.

 “This summer, we welcomed more than 300 kids to our environmental education programs,” says Executive Director Todd Cullison. “We experienced first-hand how nature-based learning is increasingly valuable to children’s well being and social and emotional development. We want to continue to offer families a safer way for children to embrace the power of learning together, gathering safely, and sharing experiences.”

Led by environmental educators, the full-day program will offer nature encounters, project-based teamwork, physical exercise throughout such as hiking, meadow exploration, wildlife discovery, instructional discussion, and hands-on craft activities.

Limited enrollment will be offered and classes start on August 24. To deliver the safest program possible, parents can purchase a two-day program within the same week. Visit HawaiiNatureCenter.org to enroll. Cost is $140 (members) or $170 (nonmembers) on O‘ahu and $110 (members) or $140 (nonmembers) on Maui for the two-day program that starts at 8 am and ends at 3 pm. 

Maui has been hit hard economically and the Monday-Tuesday and Thursday-Friday programs are discounted. “One of nature’s most important lessons to humankind is how to be adaptive,” says Maui Program Manager Kapua Chang of Wailuku. “For nearly six months, we have learned how to live with coronavirus in our midst and still give our children the childhood they deserve. This program will provide Maui students continuity of education in a safer environment of the outdoors.” 

Outdoor EDventure Days have been designed with a vigilant emphasis on health and safety, especially as it relates to COVID-19. Hawai‘i Nature Center continues to follow CDC Guidelines for cleaning, social distancing and other protocols to keep students, families and HNC staff healthy.