Handmade Gifts for the Holidays

Handmade gifts are a great option to share your creativity and put love into your gifts this holiday season. You may like to borrow one of the following ideas.

Give a gift from the beach and your heart! Make a sand footprint keepsake. Supplies you will need include black cardstock, school glue, a paintbrush, and sand. First, ‘paint’ the bottom of your child’s foot with school glue. Next, place her foot onto the cardstock to make a ‘footprint.’ Then pour sand across the cardstock and allow it all to dry. Finally, shake off the extra sand and frame your work of handmade (or ‘foot made’) art.

Make your own memory game. Supplies you will need include wood craft rounds, stamps, and a small box to hold everything. To make the game pieces, stamp two wood pieces with the same stamp and repeat for the entire set, using different stamps and/or ink colors. This is a simple and quick handmade gift!

Make your own gift basket! For teens you could fill a drink tumbler with nail polish, nail files, chapstick, a sunscreen mini tube, fun pens, and a mini notepad. For gardeners you could fill a basket with gardening gloves, seed packets, a gardening magazine, and a few gardening tools.

Make beach-inspired jewelry. Gather seashells you have collected over the year to make a special bracelet or necklace. Then drill a tiny hole into a seashell — either by using a power tool or by tapping a nail gently into the shell with a hammer. That will be your pilot hole. You will need to make it slightly bigger to feed the cord or chain through the shell, so once more very gently move a nail between your fingers and wiggle it in the hole to file the hole and make it larger. Finally, feed your cord or chain through the shell.

Your handmade holiday gifts will be cherished for years to come!