Habits to Make Your Family Happier

family-happier-4Get plenty of rest. It may sound simplistic, but think about how difficult it is to be happy when you’re tired. The truth is, these days most of us aren’t getting enough sleep. According to the Centers for Disease Control, 1 in 3 adults and 7 in 10 teens are chronically sleep deprived. Help your family make a habit of going to bed earlier for a better night’s sleep.

Disconnect from the virtual world to be together. Many families occupy the same room while using their digital devices, without interacting with each other. Yet no one would disagree that connecting face-to-face is much better. Make a habit of snuggling on the couch together in the evening or playing a short game right after school. Even a few minutes of interaction help family members feel seen and valued, which yields greater happiness.

Keep part of the house clutter-free. It’s challenging to escape the influx of mail and school papers. And in many households laundry can linger for days in various stages of completion. However, research shows that clutter causes elevated stress hormones and depression. That’s why encouraging your family to make a habit of daily clearing out even one space can contribute to happiness. That no-clutter zone offers a spot where everyone can relax. Want more good vibes? Gradually extend the clutter-free space to other parts of the house.

family-happier-3Laugh together often. Watch a family-friendly comedy. Tell silly jokes. Have a tickle fight. Even if the laughter is forced at the start, you’ll have a hard time not succumbing to genuine peals before long; which is why it’s possible to make laughing together a household habit.

Show kindness toward others. Studies show that altruistic acts, such as offering to weed an elderly neighbor’s garden or letting someone step ahead of you in line, lead to a greater sense of wellbeing for the person doing good. Seek ways for your family to give back to your community on a regular basis.