Got kids? Want More Ease and Connection?

As a parent of now adult children, I know both the deep love and joy of the relationships with kids, and the anguish of the challenges.  Whether you are a parent, grandparent, teacher or caregiver, we want so much to support the kids in our lives AND we need support, too! Please join me, Jori Manske, CNVC Certified Trainer, and others who want this!


Are you tired of

  • Yelling or caving in?

  • Fighting  with your kids, leaving you exhausted?

  • Feeling overwhelmed and wanting cooperation?

There must be another way!

Join us to learn and integrate powerful skills to:

  • Invite a conversation that is likely to be positively received

  • Stay centered and open to expressing and understanding

  • Express what really matters AND support connection

  • Make sure you are understood and understand

  • Make agreements without submission or rebellion

  • Make home a place where trust thrives

  • Create the quality of relationship you want.

When?  Thursdays, 9-11am,  No previous experience required

Where?  53 Palulu Way, Haiku

A project of NVC for the Next Generation,

Each session is funded through the Network for Nonviolent Communication, a 501c3 nonprofit when at least 10 attend so Please tell others and share this flyer.

Questions or private sessions?

Please feel free to contact Jori Manske at 505-228-8734 or reply here.