We live in a society where we can be reached at any time and any place. With smartphones, tablets and wireless, we are almost always connected. It’s easy for the entire family–mom, dad and kids alike–to be sucked into the vortex of screen time.

Here are five tips to give screen time the boot and further connect as a family.screen

1. Make the weekends, or even just one day each weekend, a “no phone” and “no tablet” day. Use this day to connect with each other while getting out in nature.

2. Limit the use of iPads and phones. When your kids want to geek out, use a timer and let them know that once the timer goes off they need to put the electronics away.

3. If your children get a tad bit obsessed with the electronics, make them earn it. Have them do chores to earn minutes on their DS or iPad.

4. Set ground rules on times when your kids can use their electronics. For example, after homework is complete, just one hour a day, and never before bedtime.

5. Try to make their screen time a combination of learning and fun. When it comes to being sucked into television or games, make sure that your kids are getting some learning in as well as fun.

Most of all, don’t forget to set a good example and also take a break from your own smartphone or computer. Be sure to show your children that they come first and that less important things can wait.