A day just for girls!

Every year on March 3rd Girl’s Day called Hinamatsuri is celebrated in Hawaii.
It is a holiday that originated in Japan and was brought to Hawaii by Japanese immigrants.
In Hawaii, this Japanese tradition has evolved into gift giving to daughters, nieces, and other special girls in one’s life. Girl’s Day represents love, beauty, peace, and happiness. It is an occasion to celebrate all things feminine. It might be fun to plan a Japanese Girl’s Day party for the girls in your family!

Queen Ka’ahumanu Center will celebrate Hinamatsuri or Girl’s Day on Saturday, March 2, 2019, from 10:00am to 12:00noon.

Maui Minyo Kai will be presenting a Japanese Doll display, origami and kanzashi crafts, along with Japanese folk dancing. Sanrio Ka’ahumanu will have Hello Kitty on hand for photos.

Girl’s Day at The Keiki Playhouse • All Ages
Sunday, March 3
In celebration of 1 year at our newest location we will be offering
free giveaways. Also join us in celebrating Girl’s Day with arts and
crafts, and all girls will receive a free gift.