Fun Ways to Keep Your Child Learning This Summer

“I’m bored!” is the collective phrase echoed by children across the land during many a summer break. While a little boredom is healthy for children, with some planning and creativity it is possible to help your child find activities that are fun and educational, making the most of those long summer days.

Plant a garden. Get outside together and plant seeds or small plants, then watch them grow! As your child helps care for the plants she will be learning about science and the environment.

Assemble and decorate a bird feeder from a craft store. This activity helps children read and follow instructions, as well as be creative.

Volunteer. Older children can learn responsibility by volunteering outside the home, serving food at a soup kitchen or babysitting for a neighbor. Younger children can help around the house by taking care of the family pet or assisting with other household chores.

Take a vacation. Show your child how to read a map and help him or her calculate how many miles it will take to get to your destination. If you are driving, perhaps he or she can calculate how many gallons of gas it will take to get there. Your child can research the destination at the library and on the Internet, then share what he or she learned with the family.

Write a travel journal. Wherever you travel over the summer – whether it’s just in town or out of state – show your child how to keep a travel journal. He can write down favorite memories, include postcards from the locations visited, and share various facts in the journal.

Learn a practical skill. Perhaps you can share with your child a practical skill, such as doing laundry, making a favorite family recipe, or keeping up with finances.

Ask your kids for their opinion: what new skill would they like to learn; how would they like to spend time with you; what would they like to create? Then ask yourself, what would you like to teach them? Learning during the summertime is a great way to keep the boredom blues away!