Five Secrets Happy Families Know

Five Secrets Happy Families Know

Life is a roller coaster, and who better to scream and throw your hands up with than your family? Need to “up” the happy quotient at home? Here are five secrets that happy families know and follow. Give these a try.

1. A family that plays together… happy family

Getting out of the house and spending quality time exercising—whether at the beach, on a walk, or on a bike ride—will create memories and bring your family together. Plus, exercise makes those happy chemicals in your brain wake up.

2. Talk story and most of all, listen.

People are happier when they feel heard, and that goes for kids too. Kids love your attention; in fact, they crave it and will excel if they have it. So put down that smartphone, turn off that television, and just talk story with your kids. Ask questions, listen intently and really interact with them. Happy families create a standard that everyone gets to be heard. End your day talking about the day’s happenings and give each family member your undivided attention and respect.

3. Teach by showing.

If mom and dad are happy, there’s a good chance the kids will be too. Happiness is infectious, as is a bad mood. If you are an example of happiness, you encourage and allow your little one to go down the happiness path too. Of course, being happy all the time isn’t realistic, so also show them that it’s okay to feel sadness, anger and any other feelings.

4. Happy families laugh!

Tickle time, a funny movie, playing a fun board game, reading a funny book, or making up funny stories are all great ways to “up” the laughter as a family. Laughter is so good for your mind, plus it burns calories and helps with digestion. Just try to laugh and be in a bad mood at the same time; it’s nearly impossible.

5. Take breaks and refuel.

Sometimes you need to take a date night to reconnect with your spouse. The same can be said with your little one. Be sure to make time for one-on-one outings and memory making. Or, let dad or mom have a day off for a surf or a trip to the beach alone. When you fill up your own relaxation gas tank, you’ll be happier at home.