Five Fun Things To Do With Your Toddler

1. Create a color scavenger hunt. Hand your toddler a pillowcase or anything to hold their found treasures and send them on a scavenger hunt to find things around the house that are of a certain color. Run through the rainbow of colors. This gets them moving while also teaching and can double up as clean up time at the end of the day.

2. Have a dance party. This is a favorite for that witching hour between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. It will get your little one’s blood going and there are sure to be laughs…especially if mom or dad takes part. Pop on a kid friendly song, maybe a blast from your past, and then let the tunes go. Jump, hop, twirl, have a dance off. This is so much fun for the whole family.

3. Set up an archaeological dig right in your living room. No need for dirt, instead throw some of your child’s smaller toys into a bin and then cover them with rice or dry beans. Let your little one use a paint brush to brush away the rice or beans and discover the treasures that lie beneath! (this is a great rainy day activity!)

4. Make homemade crayons in really cool shapes. If you have a bunch of crayons that are broken, don’t throw them away. Instead put them into a plastic bag and then let your little one crush them by hitting them with a toy hammer or other safe object. Throw them into a pan and then bake at 350 degrees for just a few minutes until they are melted. Bring them out of the oven, let them cool just a little and then use a cookie cutter to cut them into shapes. Once completely cooled, use a spatula to pop them out. The kids will love that they made these themselves!

5. Hit the beach! Go on a scavenger hunt on the beach with your toddler. Make a fun list of things to find (the list can be in pictures so your toddler doesn’t have to read it)…a clamshell, a piece of driftwood, a piece of trash to throw away, etc. Then give your little one a bucket and go beach combing with them. This is also a great activity to invite your little one’s friends to participate in and it gets you out of the house!