The joys of parenting are endless – sweet smiles, warm snuggles, exciting firsts, and big milestones. Parenting also comes with challenges – sleepless nights, cries for unknown reasons, feeding issues, and big feelings from the littlest of children. The ups and downs, and the mental and physical load of raising little humans plus completing daily responsibilities can create isolation and loneliness in our parenting journeys.

Have you ever wondered: How do I handle this? Do other parents feel the same way? Is it normal for my child to be acting like this? Am I doing anything right? 

Riding the waves of parenting, and having a parenting tribe or group (hui) of family or friends to turn to for support can help us to stay afloat and upright. Being part of a hui and coming together with other parents without fear of judgment can help you feel heard and known. Having a sense of belonging can improve individual mental health and the overall health of a family. 

Join a Hui. Finding your hui involves more than scheduling playdates for your keiki. The trust and support for the whole ‘ohana that comes with close relationships are immeasurable. Who can you call or lean on when you’ve been up all night with an infant and have no idea how you’ll get through the next day? Begin by exploring a parent support group, or meet others at a neighborhood park or beach. 

Keiki Need A Hui Too. Having close relationships with other parents and caregivers who have children helps our keiki learn about friendships. As children play together, they develop many skills including cooperation, conflict resolution, communication, and emotional regulation. Children are always watching and learning – when adults engage in meaningful and caring friendships, children learn how to have healthy relationships and that they too can have trusted friends and adults who will care for them in times of need. 

Family Hui Hawaii. Hui is coming back to Maui County! Join us online in our Parent Cafes and in-person weekly Neighborhood Hui Program. Learn more and sign up at or email us at [email protected].

Family Hui Hawaii coordinates age-friendly peer parenting support groups (Hui) where families and children come together and learn about child development, healthy relationships, and mindful parenting strategies. Hui supports, encourages, and empowers families as children’s first and most enduring teachers to thrive in all seasons of childhood.