Having a good girlfriend should be a priority for any woman. However, as you get older it doesn’t seem so easy, right?

Having a good girlfriend–and yes just one is really all you need–can fulfill you in a way that nothing else can. A girlfriend helps you celebrate the wins, get over the losses, and navigate through life with a support network.

Where to find them

You can find girlfriends at work, via your kids, through a moms group like MOPs, or even online. Yes, online!

Forums, Facebook Groups, Yahoo groups and MeetUp.com are great places to find women who are in the same place in life as you. Recently had a new baby? Look for forums for new moms. BabyCenter.com has a wonderful forum and support network.

Online friends are special in their own way. Many times the friend doesn’t know your family so you can let it fly when you need to vent. If your friend lives far from you it opens up an opportunity to travel to where they live to meet one day.

Need a friend that’s local? Having a girlfriend that lives close to you is amazing for support, girls nights out and connecting your families. Local friends help you create memories and even new holiday traditions. Many of us on Maui are away from family and friends, so having a good girl friend on island is a life saver!

Here are some fun ways to stay in touch and enjoy time with your girlfriends

1. Set a Girls Night Out (aka GNO) for once a month. You can even do it at one of your houses, and just switch each month.

2. Schedule check-in time. Set a day of the week where you and your girlfriends chat on the phone or online or via skype. Make it an appointment and add it to your calendar so that you don’t miss it or let it slip by.

3. Snail mail. If your girlfriend lives far from you, send postcards to each other. The written word and receiving mail are still a super special way to stay connected even in our ever growing online world.