Father’s Day Gifts Dads Really Want

When it comes to Father’s Day gifts, you can keep it simple with these easy and fun ideas.

For the surfer dad – get him some surf wax, a new towel, and time at the beach. Make him coupons for surf breaks to take throughout the year. He’s sure to love the intentional gift of free time. Personalize your gift by getting him a “World’s Best Surfer Dad” towel.

For the fisherman dad – get him a new fishing pole or cooler, and a gift certificate to the store or bait shop. You can also make him coupons for free time to go fishing, that he can cash in at his pleasure. Personalize your gift by getting him a custom-made cold drink koozie.

For the golfer dad – get him a round of golf at his favorite course on Maui. Personalize your gift with engraved golf balls or a golf towel.

For the dad who loves to work on the house – make him a basket containing a new hammer, some nails and a gift certificate to a home hardware store. Personalize your gift by getting his name or a saying that he likes, burnt into the hammer’s handle.

For the dad who loves food – get him a gift certificate for his favorite restaurant; or, if he loves to cook, make him a basket with some gourmet goodies from the store, along with some island-made craft beer or kombucha.

And for the dad who has everything – get him a day of family fun, hanging at the beach. Bring a barbeque and make it an all-day affair. Bring all the toys, surfboards, paddleboards and fishing poles, and set up camp.