With our busy work and school schedules, we sometimes spend less time with the people who matter most. If you’re looking to bring your ohana together for some good, old-fashioned family bonding activities, look no further. Here are a few suggestions to inspire you.

Cook together. There is nothing like making a nutritious, homemade meal prepared by the family. Decide on a dish that everyone can help with. Don’t forget to give even your young kids an easy task in the kitchen. It’s all about being together in the spirit of family. Why not try a new recipe? Get creative, have fun, and cook!

Play hide and seek. You don’t have to look too far for fun when it comes to playing this easy game at home. Kids love it when they have to search for adults, so switch it around and let them be the seekers. If grandparents would rather sit this out, they can help younger kids count. Want to throw in some learning? Pick a foreign language and help them do the counting.

Read together. Curl up around a good book and read the story aloud outdoors on a blanket or lounging on a comfy daybed. Perhaps dad wants to bring the story to life with a little acting out if the story has funny or quirky characters. Kids love to giggle at the silliest things!

Movie night. Watching a family movie, complete with mochi crunch, popcorn, and juice boxes, might be just what your ohana needs. Pick a suitable movie, documentary, or episode and sit back and relax. Sometimes there’s nothing like snuggling up with your kids in front of the screen after a busy week.

Family hike. Head Upcountry for some cool air and a scenic family walk. Thompson Road, Ali’i Lavender Farm, and Polipoli have some easy hikes for every member of the family. Depending on the time of day, consider packing lunch or picking up dinner to enjoy at sunset.

Spending quality time with ohana can be the best thing. It doesn’t matter whether you’re cooking or hiking, as long as you’re together and having fun in each other’s company. This summer, give your family a precious gift – your time and undivided attention.—RG