So you just discovered you’re pregnant and wonder if you can continue to do the one thing that makes you smile: exercise. The answer is “Yes!” (Of course you’ll want to check with your doctor or midwife for yourself). But in general, yes, exercise is wonderful for a healthy pregnancy, delivery and postpartum recovery. This isn’t the time to focus on losing weight, rather, maintaining your strength and endurance. Always be sure to listen to your body, and slow down or stop if you are tired or have trouble breathing. Below are a few exercises that are excellent during pregnancy:

1. Walking allows you to stay fit without putting extra strain on your joints or body.

2. Dancing, without big twists or jumps, is a fun way to keep fit during pregnancy.

3. Prenatal yoga is a popular choice amongst many mamas-to-be.

4. Squats are wonderful for preparing your body to deliver and to maintain a tone lower body. Planks are great for core strength, as regular crunches are not safe after the first trimester (no laying on your back!).

5. Swimming relieves swollen ankles, makes you feel light and enables you to do your cardio in a safe environment. Doing toning exercises in shallow water is an excellent way to keep your muscles strong as well.

Make your pregnancy even more enjoyable by preparing your body for the “big day” and you’ll thank yourself later!