Exciting New Math Program

Middle School Boys & Girls Club Members to Benefit from Exciting New Math Program
Boys & Girls Clubs of Maui is chartering a new initiative to support middle school members in improving and strengthening their core skills competency and achievement in mathematics.
Bridge to Math will engage the youth with lessons, activities, exercises, and instruction focused on deepening awareness, building insight, and strengthening the skills fundamental to achieving increased success in middle school mathematics.
Each BGCM clubhouse facilitates a diverse range of programming that supports the development of the “whole youth,” with emphasis on healthy lifestyles and lifelong commitment to fitness, character and leadership development, and, most importantly, academic success (successful progression to the next grade level and on-time high school graduation).
Bridge to Math will be an important stand-alone addition to the academic activities currently offered and will be provided to all middle school-age registered members in all six Clubhouses. This program has been made possible through a grant from Kamehameha Schools and will run for two years at each of the Clubs.
The approach for Bridge to Math is to embark on an exploration of the number system. The coursework is designed to accommodate members with a wide range of preparation and experience by focusing on their gaining a deeper understanding of the basic objects and operations at the core of mathematics, not just on copying what they have learned in school but using constructive methodology that will lead to a better understanding of these mathematical concepts.
The curriculum was written by Dr. Nicholas Okamoto, University of Hawaii, Maui College, who is developing the program activities specifically for BGCM.
For more information on Bridge to Math, contact Stephen Bennett, Director of Operations, at StephenB@bgcmaui.org or by calling (808) 242-4363.