Our new series The Joy of Keiki Cooking features local kids and the food they love to make in the kitchen.
Name: Elijah Hayden
Age: 5
Town: Lahaina
School: King Kamehameha III Elementary School
1. How did you learn how to cook? Mom + dad and cooking shows of kids on YouTube are fun to watch.

2. What’s the first thing you learned to make?
Toast. I do jelly, jelly+ butter, and sometimes jelly and sometimes with cream cheese
3. What’s your favorite ingredient and why? Chocolate chips because chocolate.
4. What meal do you enjoy preparing most and why? Breakfast, because it’s good. I also like smoothies.
5. Do you have a signature dish? If so, what is it? Cheesy eggs. I crack the eggs, scramble them, and sprinkle the cheese in the pan. My mom stirs it + cooks them.  I also peel the garlic for family dinners and help juicing for my mom.
6. What’s the last dish you attempted that was a total failure? What did you learn? I cracked an egg and she’ll fell into the bowl. My dad got it out with the big shell.
7. What tip can you share with other kids who may be scared to try cooking? Try toast. It’s the easiest thing it should be your first step.

Eli’s Cheesy Eggs Scramble

3 eggs (crack and scramble)
Shredded cheese 
A handful of broccoli

Tip: Oiled cast iron on a low heat. We use avo oil or butter. Low and slow! Burned eggs smell yucky. 

Chop the broccoli and stir it up 
Take a whisk and scramble the eggs 
Pour the scrambled eggs all over the pan on low heat

Once the eggs cook, you can slowly stir them once they are almost done sprinkle the cheese on top. I like the burned crispy cheese. It’s yummy with ketchup.

Serve + share + eat.
Good luck I hope you enjoy it, Elijah Hayden