Finding time to get to the gym or to that yoga class can seem daunting when you’re a busy mom. It’s tough to fit it all in when you have little ones running around, nap-times to take into consideration, and work on top of that!

But don’t fear, working up a sweat doesn’t have to go by the wayside, just do any of these fun activities with your kids, and get that workout in.

easy workoutsGet Strolling with your Stroller

If your little one is still in a stroller, get your workout in while they either snooze or as they take in the sights, with a jogging stroller. The stroller can add that extra “push” of weight to really crank things up.

Even better, find another mom to meet up with and walk while you talk – get girlfriend therapy and a workout!

The At-Home Workout

Folks, the internet is amazing. It has TONS of exercise videos, many for free, and in every kind of activity you could imagine. YouTube, Facebook and Netflix are all great resources for finding a workout that fits into your schedule.

You can find a yoga class that’s 20 minutes, or a power yoga that’s 60 minutes. What we especially love about this, is that you don’t have to leave the house, you don’t have to wear any fancy yoga gear, and you don’t have to find a babysitter. Score!

When it in doubt, dance it out

Ok, so sometimes that walk or that at-home yoga class just isn’t happening. The kids are at home, they’re not napping, and you need to sweat it out. Get dancing.

Pop on some fun tunes, and have a dance party with the family. You can find fun, kid friendly yet popular tunes, on Pandora or Spotify. Set a timer for 30 minutes and dance your heart out. Get the sweat dripping, the heart pumping all while having fun with the kids. Best of all, it should wear them out a little too and they may get in that nap after all.