Staying home this Easter doesn’t have to be a downer. With a little creativity, a positive attitude, and a few basic supplies, your “bunnies” can have a fun and memorable day while staying indoors or close to home.

Color-coded eggs. If there’s a big difference in your keikis’ ages and you want to make the hunt fair, color-code your eggs. Each person gets to search for their colored eggs. Matching colored baskets would be perfect, but ribbon wrapped around basket handles and eggs works just as well. If you have more of one color than the others, consider writing names on eggs instead. Remember, sometimes simplicity is really the best!

Treasure hunt. Draw a map of your living room or play area with clues to where eggs are hidden. Cut the map into pieces and hide those pieces. When your explorers find them, they glue them back together and read the map to find the real treasure — delicious chocolate eggs! This game takes longer and involves problem-solving and group work.

Parent playtime. Older keiki might enjoy hiding eggs for their parents. Why not switch it up and let them hide them for you and your partner and other adult family members? Kids love it when grown-ups let their hair down and join in with the fun.

Truth or dare egg hunt. Fill Easter eggs with fun family-friendly truth or dare challenges that you can do indoors or in the backyard. Have the whole family search for hidden eggs, and then play truth or dare. You never know, you may learn something new!

Glow-in-the-dark hunt. Buy glow-in-the-dark eggs, or put a small LED light or bracelet glow sticks inside plastic eggs. Hide the eggs outside or inside the house in dark corners or under furniture. A daytime hunt works as well as a nighttime hunt for this bright idea!

Eggs-ercise! To survive the afternoon with a yard full of bouncing bunnies, why not tape an activity to each chocolate egg? Think of the best physical activity to get the sillies out, such as “do fifteen jumping jacks,” “dance for five minutes,” or “run three laps around the house.” This gives mom and dad a way to make sure every bunny goes to bed without a meltdown.

This Easter, let your imagination go, collect supplies ahead of time, and have fun putting together a lovely, fun-filled day for your whole family. -RG