Easter celebrations often include attending a church service, enjoying a potluck, and participating in a classic Easter egg hunt. With our current stay-at-home mandate,  we need to get creative! Here are some other Easter activities you can enjoy with your family at home.

Build Easter Egg Towers

Pile plastic Easter eggs on a flat surface. Then have the kids see how many egg halves they can stack. The tallest stack wins!

Create Art

Fill boiled egg shells (emptied of egg) with paint and toss them at a canvas. Colorful works of art can be created in just minutes!

Play The Guessing Game

Fill plastic Easter eggs with different items, such as popcorn kernels in one, jelly beans in another, coins in another, etc. Ask the players to guess what is inside each egg. Whoever guesses the most eggs correctly, wins.

Go On A Glow-In-The-Dark Egg Hunt

Place flameless tea light candles (along with a treat) inside jumbo-sized Easter eggs. Wait until dark, then turn on the flameless tea lights. Let the fun begin after sunset.

Play The Jelly Bean Pickup Game

Give each player a small bowl full of jelly beans and a straw. Players suck through the straw to pick up one jelly bean at a time, and then transfer it into another bowl. The winner is the player with the most jelly beans in his or her bowl at the end of one minute.

Surprise Each Other With Confetti Easter Eggs

Fill emptied eggshells with confetti and glitter, then tape tissue paper to cover the opening. Crush the confetti eggs over each other’s heads for good luck (or just for fun!). For a more environment-friendly option, fill the eggs with birdseed.