Make a big show of your love and appreciation for someone this Valentine’s Day with a homemade card. Making homemade cards with your kids will teach them a new craft and the importance of expressing gratitude for a person close to them. Here are a few ideas for cards and gifts with a personal touch.

Lighthearted cards. We all need a little laughter in our lives, and a Valentine’s Day card can share some humor and love at the same time. Compose a funny poem or search for funny lines in your favorite book, then write them inside your homemade card. Think silly or goofy. The recipient will love the creativity and the excuse for a giggle.

Love letters. What grandparent doesn’t appreciate a letter – especially one filled with words of love from their grandchildren? Consider helping your kids put pen to paper to write a sweet, heartfelt letter to their grandma and grandpa. Yes, old-fashioned handwritten letters can be revived with a little help from you!

Heart wreath. Make a beautiful paper heart wreath with your kids this Valentine’s Day. Take some colored card stock and cut a donut-shaped ring out of it. Now cut heart shapes out of colored paper or even a bright material such as silver foil, and stick them to the ring. Staple string to the back of the ring so your kids can hang it up around the house or share it with friends.

Hanging hearts. Brighten up a room by hanging paper hearts from the ceiling. Color in hearts on waxed paper with different colored crayons. Cut them out and tape them to string hanging from the ceiling or window frame. Sunbeams will shine through these translucent hanging hearts, bringing a colorful cheer to any loved one’s room.

On Valentine’s Day, show your love with words, hearts, and messages of love to family, teachers, and anyone else in your life who needs it. A little love goes a long way! –RG