DIY Holiday Photo Studio

Whether you go with the coordinated outfits, keep it casual, or go formal, holiday photos are nice to do each year so that you can mark that moment in time and look back at them later.

Here are some easy ways to make a DIY holiday photo studio in your home. Find a spot that gets natural light and create one of these photo spaces.

holiday-photo-studio-1Wrap it

Grab a roll of fun printed wrapping paper – one that’s pretty sturdy. Unroll it entirely and tape one end to the wall about 3 feet up, and one end to the floor once fully unrolled. This is great for newborns or baby photos since it creates a small studio. The key is to use wrapping paper that packs a punch. Check out – local, mom-created, and sustainable – for some great designs.

Drape it

For just a little money you can find some light, semi-sheer drapes. Go with white, or do a little color; that’s totally up to you. Find a wall where you can attach your drapes. If you don’t want to put holes in your wall, use non-damaging hooks or clips that stick to your wall.

Hang your drape, and ta-da! You’ve got a mini photo studio. You could also attach Christmas lights behind the curtain to add some sparkle to your photos.

Stream it

Head to the grocery store or party store, and grab about four to five rolls of birthday streamers. You can make it all one color or go for a variety.

Use masking tape to tape the streamers to a wall. Once you’ve decided how wide you want to make your backdrop, cut a piece of tape to that measurement. Place the tape on the wall horizontally, sticky side out, using two pieces of tape at either end to keep it attached to the wall.

Cut your streamers all the same length and attach them to the sticky tape on the wall. Once done, apply a piece of clear tape at the top to reinforce the hold of the streamers. Also tape the bottom of the streamers to keep them from flying around. Add some props, and ta-da! You’ve got a fun photo booth perfect for holiday photos or birthday parties.