Mālama ʻāina, one diaper at a time!

Like most expecting parents, there are many questions and decisions to make before a baby is born – doctor or mid-wife; hospital or home birth; the right stroller and car seat; bottle or breastfeed and diapering.


The Hard Facts

  • Just for U.S. babies, 200,000 trees are lost each year to disposable diapers.
  • 20 billion disposables are dumped in landfills each year – that’s 3.5 million tons of waste
  • 500 years for disposables to decompose, which poses a threat to our ground water.
  • Eco-friendly disposables contain sodium polyacrylate so are not fully biodegradable.

Kōkua Diaper is proud to offer their diaper service to the ‘ohana of Maui providing a weekly supply of ethically sourced organic cotton diapers delivered to your home. Their washing process has been tested and formulated to ensure fully cleaned and sanitized diapers. They use an EPA-certified plant-derived detergent that is gentle to the skin and eco-friendly to our island home. Their diapers are pH balanced to ensure that the only thing touching your keiki’s bottom is organic cotton. For more information check them out at https://www.kokuadiaper.com