Creating Summer Traditions

Have you ever thought of intentionally starting a new family tradition? Whether it’s something wild and fun, or quiet and meaningful, creating summer traditions can bring family members together in a special and unique way.

Here are a few ways to get started.

Brainstorm with your family

Asking family members for suggestions to create a new family tradition not only helps generate ideas, it can also be insightful. Our kids can be enterprising and thoughtful, so include them in on the planning stage of your new summer tradition.

How about a themed party?

When summer arrives, most kids are excited and they are in fun mode. Consider throwing a party as a way of bringing together classmates to celebrate the end of the school year, and as a way of saying goodbye to friends who might be going on trips.

Visit a local place of interest

Take out a tourist map, and choose a spot that would be interesting or entertaining for grandma and grandpa as well as uncle and aunty. Perhaps a visit to a local farm or national park could kick off summer vacation and bring generations together.

Organize an outdoor movie

Take advantage of the great weather by hosting an outdoor movie night. Ask friends and neighbors if they’d like to help so that all the responsibilities don’t fall on one family. Creating a family tradition like this can be an easy, lighthearted way to gather together and be outdoors. There’s nothing like looking up at the stars on a summer’s night, too!

Cook a summer dish together

Create a dish using seasonal, locally grown ingredients that would appeal to the entire family. If it’s something like fruit salad, perhaps fruit picking at a local farm could be part of the activity. Include your kids in the cooking and the shopping for extra ingredients. Being involved in the whole process helps them feel useful and important!

Creating summer traditions that are creative and inspirational can be a meaningful way to stay connected to friends and family, to celebrate the end of the school year, and to rejoice in relationships and life.