Creating Halloween Memories

Traditions are fun and they create memories, and they also help you with the planning process. Traditions during Halloween are no different. Here are some easy ways to start Halloween traditions and help you with the planning.

1. Head to the dentist. Yup, the dentist. Halloween is a great time to make an appointment to see the dentist. Make it your bi-annual check up and grab a new toothbrush that’s sure to get put to good use after trick or treating. Heading to the dentist’s office around Halloween also reminds the keiki to take it easy on those sweets.

2. Give it away. Trick or treating is a must-do for any kid, but eating all of that candy isn’t. Instead, have your little one place their loot in a bag and leave it on the front porch for the “Halloween Fairy.” The fairy then takes the candy and puts a less cavity-creating gift in its place.

3. Make it a family affair. Start a tradition where all of your family dresses in the same theme. Themes like The Flintstones, Finding Nemo or Star Wars are always big hits.

4. Get back to basics. Instead of ordering that costume online or finding it at the big box stores, make it a tradition to create your keiki’s costumes every year. You can find some great ideas on sites such as Pinterest and you don’t have to be a super sewer to do this. Keep it simple and even get the kids involved to make it extra fun and special.