Creating Birthday Traditions

We all know that a keiki’s first birthday is a big celebration in Hawaii. Here are some ideas to help create other traditions year after year.

1. Celebrate a half-birthday. A year can feel like an eternity to a small one, so don’t make them wait that long to celebrate their birth. Instead, do something small, but fun and special, on their half birthday. It can be as easy as popping a candle in a stack of pancakes for breakfast or sharing a cupcake after dinner. They will LOVE this special impromptu mid-year celebration.

2. Make it a photo opp. Take a photo of your little one each year with the same stuffed animal or Lovie. Your child will love to see how they’ve grown throughout the years.

3. Write a letter. Take a moment to write your child a letter on their birthday every year. Even if they can’t read now, they will love to see all of the letters throughout the years when they are older. Create a book of the letters and give it to them when they head off to college or get married.

4. Go some place where everybody knows your name. Pick a favorite restaurant and go there year after year to celebrate your child’s birthday. It’s always neat to take a photo (see tip #2 above) from the same restaurant year after year.