Create a “You Color My World” Valentine

valentine "you color my world"Valentine’s Day brings such sweet memories…making a mailbox out of a shoebox to receive all the fun and often times, yummy, treats and cards from classmates; taking the time to pick the perfect card for that special person in class. Valentine’s is meant to send a little love someone’s way. Here’s an easy and fun way to make a Valentine for the entire class, all while reusing and recycling!

We bet you have more than a few pieces of broken crayons laying around. Not sure how or why so many crayons get broken but we’ve all got that bin of crayon scraps. Put them to good use by making cute Valentine’s for your child’s classmates.

The how-to:

  • Remove all of the paper around the crayons and break them into tiny bits.
  • Once broken up, place the pieces into a silicon cookie tray – use a fun mold such as a heart.
  • You can fill each shape up with the same color or mix it up. Let the kids have fun with this. Fill to the top, as the crayons will melt down.
  • Once your oven is heated to 250 degrees, pop the silicon mold onto a cookie sheet and pop it into the oven for about 10-12 minutes. Keep an eye on the crayons and remove them from the oven once they’re all melted down.
  • Let the hearts cool really well. This may take some time. Once completely cooled, pop them out.

You can place the crayon heart on a piece of cardstock and either write or print out cute messages on them, such as “You color my world.” This is sure to be a fun Valentine to make and receive!