It’s never too early to start planning a Halloween costume. But even with the best of intentions, time can slip away until you find yourself in a last-minute situation. With a bit of creativity and an afternoon, create a one-of-a-kind Halloween costume. The best part? There’s no need to know how to sew and you likely have most of the items lying around your home already.


Dress all in purple or green and pin matching colored balloons to your clothing to sprout into a cluster of grapes. Add artificial leaves to a cap for an additional component.

Use pink or white balloons for a bubble bath costume. Add a rubber ducky for a playful touch. 

Wear a clear plastic bag and fill it with small colorful balloons for a jelly bean costume. Slap a label on it to go really legit.


After cutting holes in the box for a head and arms, cover it with tinfoil to create a robot. Use bottle caps for dials, wires from a broken remote control toy, print out fun “sci-fi” icons from the computer; the ideas for embellishments are endless.

If literary characters are more your thing, add a tin foil-covered funnel for a hat, and a felt heart to the tin foil-covered box, and you’ve got the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz. Bonus points for silver clothing and face paint!

Transform your child into a Lego block by simply gluing Solo cups onto the front of the box and painting it all your favorite Lego color. 


Join the boba tea craze by hot gluing black felt circles to the bottom of a simple, solid-colored dress or long t-shirt. Roll a piece of paper into a tube, attach it to your head with elastic or a headband for a straw. 

Lastly, begin with an entirely white outfit. Glue a yellow felt circle on the front of the shirt, add devil horns and a tail. A simple, yet devilishly delicious, deviled egg.

Your imagination is the only limit to DIY Halloween costumes. Begin your Halloween fun well before the trick-or-treating by engaging your family in a crafting day to create a costume anyone in the clan will love to wear. -JH