Cure Your Need To Please

Are you a people pleaser? Do you find it hard to say “no”? Seeking approval from others by always saying


Five Healthy Foods That Fight Stress

Everyday stressors can cause a real damper on your energy, attitude and overall health. Two of the best ways to

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Kids & Dehydration

Although summer may mean fun in the sun, it can also come with health woes if you are not cautious.

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Easing Allergies

Allergies can affect your child’s daily activities but there are steps you can take to ease his or her discomfort.


Mom Energy

Mom Energy How to Get it, How to Protect it Being a mom, while very rewarding, is also both physically


Reiki in the Womb

I have been practicing Reiki Natural Healing for a few years now and have no doubt in its amazing power

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